The Aliwal Shoal is home to hundreds of different lifeforms and species of fish. In the coming months we will be covering all the commonly found fish as well as the rare species that are sometimes found on this island of life in an otherwise sandy desert ocean floor.

Photographers Alert!

We are looking for more photographic content for our scuba divers that visit the Aliwal Shoal. Please submit photos of fish if you would like to be published in our fish collection. We are looking for all species large and small! Send your photos to with your photo(s), a brief description if possible, when you took the photo(s) and if possible, the location or reef you were diving on.

Sharks & Rays

Pelagic Fish

Reef Fish

Macro Life

Sea urchins

Sea cucumbers


Brittle stars

Feather stars





Hard corals

Soft corals

Sea fans

Sea weeds

Sea anemones