Spotted Eagle Ray

Aetobatus narinari

Like all other members of the shark and ray family, the spotted eagle ray’s skeleton is made from cartilage rather than bone. They are found globally in tropical waters, and are easily identified by their unique appearance. They have dark blue or black backs covered in small white

Spotted Eagle Ray

spots; a white underside; and a distinctively flat snout. The spotted eagle ray uses its snout to dig in the sand for bivalves and crustaceans, whose hard shells they are able to crush thanks to a tooth structure especially adapted for added strength. Spotted eagle rays usually travel alone or in small groups, and are sometimes seen breaching from the water. They produce eggs which subsequently hatch inside the mother before being born live; and are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List.

Other Eagle Rays on our reef

Bull Ray – Pteromylaeus bovinus

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