Blue-and-Gold Fusilier

Caesio caerulaurea

Also known as the scissor-tailed fusilier, the blue-and- gold fusilier is found in the Indo-West Pacific from East Africa to French Polynesia. It favours sloping coral reefs up to depths of 40 metres, and often forms large shoals that hover in mid-water. The blue-and-gold fusilier feeds

Blue-and-Gold Fusilier

on zooplankton, and reaches a maximum length of 35 centimetres. Its body is blue in colour, fading to pale blue or white underneath; with a horizontal gold line that runs from above the eye to the end of the upper tail lobe. This line is edged on either side with narrow streaks of electric blue. Blue-and- gold fusiliers have a fast rate of reproduction and spawn en masse in accordance with the lunar cycle, after which their fertilised eggs are distributed on pelagic ocean currents.

Other Fusiliers found on our reef

Yellowtail Fusilier – Caesio teres

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