Spotted Ragged-tooth Shark

Carcharias taurus

The ragged tooth sharks that visit Aliwal Shoal every winter are a highlight of the year. Many a diver from local and abroad flock to Umkomaas to witness these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Also known as the Grey nurse shark, they

are found all over the world on reefs while spending time gestating or mating. The particular type that visits our reef is the Spotted ragged-tooth shark and are the only type to spend time in relatively shallow waters off our coast.

When visiting in winter they prefer outer edge of the reef near Raggie Cave as the depth is ideal and there are many crevices, caves and overhangs where they can be found in large groups. We have a dive etiquette when visiting these creatures. Please ask the dive master in charge about how to approach and what’s the best procedures when entering caves or swim-through areas.

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