Twineye Skate

Raja miraletus

Sometimes called the brown skate, the twineye skate is a wide-ranging species found in the mediterranean Sea and the Northeast Atlantic, Southeast Atlantic and Western Indian oceans. It lives primarily on the continental shelf, but has been recorded at depths of up to 530 metres.

A relatively small skate, it reaches an average total length of around 60 centimetres and has a sharp, bluntly pointed snout. Its diamond-shaped disc is ochre to reddish-brown in colour, with scattered dark spots and two distinctive bright blue eyespots. Juvenile twineye skates hatch out of egg cases and are prickly to the touch. Adult twineye skates feed on a wide range of benthic animals, and their population is considered stable. This species is classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

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