Six-Line Soapfish

Grammistes sexlineatus

The six-line soapfish has a veritable collection of alternative names, ranging from golden-striped soapfish to skunkfish or radio fish. It is widespread in the Indo-Pacific, and can be found from South Africa in the east to New Zealand in the west.

Six Line Soapfish

It spends daylight hours sheltering beneath ledges or in small caves in the reef, and may live as deep as 130 metres. Six-line soapfish reach a maximum length of 30 centimetres, and have a brown-black body. Juveniles have two white or yellow horizontal stripes, which multiply as the fish gets bigger. In fully grown adults, these stripes may break up into a series of dashes or spots. The six-line soapfish feeds on other fish, but wards off its own predators with toxin-producing glands that make its flesh taste bitter.

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