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Attracting the Sharks

The baited tiger shark dives take place to the south of Aliwal Shoal. We chum the water to create a scent corridor that attracts the sharks to the boat. We have two bait drums, one that attracts the smaller sharks (like the oceanic blackips) and another that attracts larger species (like the tiger sharks). We spend a minimum of 60 minutes in the water, during which time we may see as many as 50 sharks in their natural habitat.

Getting Ready for the Dive

Before the dive, we will give a full briefing to help you understand the sharks’ behaviour and how to interact with them safely. To date, Aliwal Shoal Scuba has perfect safety track record. For those that aren’t yet qualified, we also have a shark cage perfect for non-divers and non-swimmers. In the summer months, it is possible to see as many as five tiger sharks, some exceeding four metres in length. Other seasonal visitors include dusky sharks, bull sharks and even great whites; while our oceanic blacktips are present all year round.

Is it Dangerous?

They are completely safe as long as you listen to your pre-dive briefing and follow your divemaster’s instructions carefully. In 30 years of diving with Aliwal’s sharks, we have never had a single incident on our baited shark dives.

Can We View The Sharks from The Boat?

Yes, the sharks do swim on the surface and are visible from the boat. The cost of the trip will not change if you opt to spend the time on the boat, however. You may book a shark trip and view from the boat instead.

What Equipment Do I Need?

We supply all equipment on the dive. You are welcome to bring your own equipment if you prefer.

How Many Sharks Will I See?

Shark sightings are guaranteed, however the number of sharks seen and the species seen changes every day. We expect to see between five and 50 sharks on any given dive.

How Far In Advance Do We Need To Book?

You may book as soon as you decide to come to South Africa, even if you are unsure of an exact date. Simply book a place on the boat, then confirm the date as soon as you can.

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