Let The Adventure Begin!

A baited shark dive on the Aliwal Shoal offers an exceptional opportunity to dive alongside oceanic blacktip sharks while they hunt for pieces of sardine. These active predators do not see us as a prey item, and will swim within centimetres of you without attempting to bite. They are also accustomed to seeing our dive master faces every day and accept our presence in the water without reservation.

We set up two bait drums on each shark dive. One is set high up in the water column that attracts the smaller oceanic blacktip sharks, and the second drum is set much deeper to attract larger sharks such as tiger and bull sharks. The dive/snorkel with sharks lasts approximately 60 minutes in the water, during which time we may see as many as 50 sharks. Divers have the opportunity to level off in the water column or make use of an underwater swing.

We recommend that you bring sea-sickness tablets, your swim gear and underwater camera! This is a true bucketlist activity for young and old. Contact us if you have any questions or would like participate. If you’re afraid of sharks and want to observe from the boat, we can organise that for you as well.

Which Option Is Better?

Before the dive, our professional divemaster will introduce himself and give a full briefing about where on the reef we will be visiting, and how to interact with sharks safely. To date, Aliwal Shoal Scuba has a perfect safety track record, with zero shark injuries. Basic requirement is open water qualification.

For those that are not open water qualified, we have a shark cage snorkeling experience which is perfect for non-divers and even non-swimmers. In the summer months, it is possible to see as many as five tiger sharks, some close to 5 metres in length! Other seasonal visitors include dusky sharksbull sharks and even great white sharks; while our oceanic blacktip sharks are present all year round. The Ragged tooth sharks are predominantly sedentary on the reef, under ledges and caves, and do not participate in the baited shark dives.

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