Divers & Non-Divers Qualify

Are you ready for the most exciting experience of your life? Dive with sharks in our stainless steel cage. Because the cage floats at the surface next to the boat, you do not need to be a qualified diver to take part.

Anyone Can Go!

People of all ages and abilities can take part in the cage dive. Kids, as well as retired folks, are most welcome to experience the thrill of diving with Aliwal’s famous sharks. If you are prone to seasickness, however, we highly recommend that you take medication before the dive.

First Things First

So you’re thinking of doing a cage shark dive! Our setup is user-friendly and safe while viewing the ocean’s apex predators in their natural environment. With years upon years of safe and successful cage shark dives under our belt, we are completely confident that you’ll be blown away by this really exceptional opportunity.

Please arrive at Aliwal Shoal Scuba, one hour before launch time. We pack the boat with the kit needed. We will kit you up with a wetsuit, mask, and snorkel, and then you can use our on-site tea and coffee facilities to sit and enjoy our magnificent sea view while we assist everyone else. Then, we all load onto the truck and take the two-minute drive down to the mouth of the Umkomaas River, which functions as our launch site.

Our skipper will give everyone a boat safety briefing before we launch the boat through the shorebreak or river mouth. The boats that we use for the cage dive trips are 8 meter Feral rubber-duck, with either twin 140 or 115 horsepower Suzuki engines. We supply you with lifejackets for the launch, which, considering the temperamental seas of the South Coast, can sometimes be an adrenaline rush all in itself!

Once safely at backline, we then motor 8 km offshore beyond the Aliwal Shoal to an area designated for baited shark dives. Once we’ve arrived, we put the bait system into the water, designed to draw in the sharks.

The Shark Cage

When enough sharks have been attracted to the drums, we lower the shark cage into the water, and once we’ve ensured that it’s stable, you can start getting in one by one. After that, the only thing left to do is enjoy the wonder of the marine world around you- the oceanic black tips moving through the water like liquid bronze; the kingfish darting in flashes of silver and gold in between them, and shimmering shoals of black tail circling the bait stem. It truly is the most thrilling environment, in which you are free to immerse yourself for around an hour, remembering to keep your fingers and toes inside the cage!

When you’re finished, we bring you and the shark cageback onboard, and head back to shore where you can make use of our hot showers, and free WIFI to start telling everyone you know about your amazing adventure of a lifetime!

We highly recommend that you take recommended motion sickness tablets (sea-sick tables). Please ask your pharmacist.

An exhilarating bucket-list experience!

Shark Attraction

We have two sealed bait drums, one that attracts smaller sharks (like the blacktip shark) and another to bring in larger species (like the tiger shark). We spend a minimum of 60 minutes in the cage, during which time we may see as many as 50 sharks in their natural habitat.

How Safe Is It In The Cage?

The cage has been approved according to worldwide safety standards and is built to withstand a knock from even the largest sharks.

Please be aware that terms and conditions apply to diving and accommodation.

How Much Does It Cost?

Please visit our pricing page.  All gear is included and includes the 15 minute boat ride to the Aliwal Shoal. Join us for a once in a lifetime experience with Apex predators in their natural environment!

Contact us with our enquiry form below and one of our friendly staff members will contact you shortly.

Terms & Conditions

Photos are supplied free of charge on all of our shark dives. Please be aware that although we provide camera footage, due to the nature of underwater activities in the ocean, we can not guarantee that all footage is view-able. If we encounter no sharks on an outing, we will reschedule your shark experience for another session. After your enquiry we will send full details to look over before making payment.

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