Skipper Courses Offered

Vessels under 9 metres, Commercial and Recreational

Category R: Tidal rivers, estuaries, ports and inland waters.
Category E: All waters up to one nautical mile offshore.
Category C: All waters up to 15 nautical miles offshore.
Category B: All waters up to 40 nautical miles offshore.
Coastal Skipper: All waters up to 40 nautical miles offshore, day and night.

Endorsements for all vessels and categories

      1. Dive Endorsement.
      2. Surf Launch Endorsement

SAMSA Examination

The examination is divided into theory, oral and practical.

Skipper Practical Hours – Performance Requirements

1. Pre-launch checks

Objective: Do a thorough check that the vessel is seaworthy and the correct equipment is loaded.

 2. Piloting and Maneuvering

Objective: Pilot a power-driven vessel safely.

3. Anchoring

Objective: Safely anchor a vessel and trip an anchor.

4. Fire Drill

Objective: Safely and effectively extinguish a fire with minimum damage to crew and vessel.

5. Man Overboard

Objective: Identify, safely approach and retrieve a person in the water.

6. Short Round Turn

Objective: Turn a vessel around on its own axis using two motors and then one motor.

7. Mooring

Objective: Safely approach a jetty and tie off a vessel as well as maneuvering a vessel onto a trailer.

8. Trim and Loading

Objective: Safely and correctly trim a vessel according to sea state and speed.

9. Drogue

Objective: Correctly set up and deploy a drogue.

10. Motor Fault Finding

Objective: Be able to find the fault if problems occur with motors.

11. After Launch routine

Objective: Correctly wash a vessel and prepare for storage after use.